#2 Cal moves to 5-0

by Ned Webster

The #2 Cal Bears beat the #3 Chapman Panthers 16-12 in Memorial Stadium in front of a huge crowd, bolstered by the Cal Band, in a vibrant atmosphere.

Chapman started the game in a 10-man ride, and the Bears were prepared, scoring their first two goals on an open net: a lay-up by #20 Brendan Cook and a 50-yarder on the run with his weak hand to the center of the net by #6 Jake Pistotnik, like Steph Curry from the logo.

Junior LSM #9 Jack Gillespie was a beast on D with a game-high 7 groundballs. 

#26 Kitt Stoddard found his groove at the faceoff spot, finishing the game on a run of winning 10 of 13 draws vs. the Chapman senior All-American, while Stoddard also added a huge goal and an assist.

With two-plus minutes left in the game, the defense weathered a 90-second, multi-shot possession by Chapman ending in a tired stick-side high shot from fifteen that #4 Nick Beattie caught and passed to Gillespie who tossed it to #11 Micah Grim who continued it up the ladder to Pisto who ran out the clock, ending the game.

The Bears move to 5-0 and host Top 20 opponent Oregon next Saturday at 1:00pm.