UC Berkeley partners with Oakland Lacrosse

by Sam Tobis

Over the last four years, Cal and Oakland Lacrosse have developed a strong partnership, together organizing clinics, creating opportunities for Cal players to serve as coaches and tutors with the Oakland program and fundraising for Oakland Lacrosse.

The mission of the Oakland Lacrosse Club (OLC) is to enrich the lives of Oakland youth by promoting physical and mental growth, increasing opportunities and highlighting positive images and connections in the Oakland community through the sport of lacrosse.  

Kevin Kelly, Founder and Executive Director of Oakland Lacrosse Club has been a friend, coach and volunteer with Cal Lacrosse and has served as the link between the programs.

For more information about Oakland Lacrosse Club, check out their new website, follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for real time program and team updates.

Players sold OLC swag and collected gear and cash donations at the Cal vs. Utah game on March 13.